Life at Colony

On Thursday, June 2nd, Colony staff delivered 4,037 pounds of clothes, and other soft items to Savers in Worcester. Thank you to all who made donations, and encouraged your families, friends, and neighbors to donate. It took a village to reach our goal!
Shout out and thank you to Colony Holden—Tim McNeil, Cami Goddard, Chris Camacho, and Colleen Ahearn for ALL their efforts managing the drop-off and storing over 300 bags!
Appreciation and thanks to Tim, Cami, Chris, Colleen, Steve, Ray, Mark, Charlie, Marcus, Lucy, and Marianne for putting their backs into a human chain, carrying the bags up the stairs, and loading them into the rented truck. Drop-off at Savers was another success when the team gathered to unload the goods.
Thank you, Kerrie, for introducing Colony to this wonderful fundraiser, and joining in the fun at Savers! Many thanks to Paula for documenting the morning’s activity and capturing the fun, camaraderie, and hard work! Great job, everyone!

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